OSL News

                                              WEEK OF DECEMBER 29th

Sun      Dec. 29th        8:30 am      Traditional Worship Service
                                     9:30 am      Bible Study
                                   10:30 am      Contemporary Service
Wed      Jan. 1st             NEW YEAR'S DAY
Thurs   Jan. 2nd         5:30 pm      Crossfire Practice
Sun      Jan. 5th          8:30 am      Traditional Worship Service
                                   10:30 am      Contemporary Service
Tues     Jan. 7th          6:30 pm      Blessings in a Backpack
Wed      Jan. 8th          6:00 pm     Board of Worship meeting
                                     7:00 pm     Choir Practice
Thurs    Jan 9th          5:30 pm      Crossfire Practice
Sun       Jan 12th        8:30 am      Traditional Service
                                   10:30 am     Contemporary Service
Mon      Jan 13th         1:30 pm     Book Club
Wed      Jan 15th         7:00 pm     Choir Practice
                                          COUNCIL REPORTS DUE
Thurs    Jan 16th         5:30 pm     Crossfire Practice

                                                            OSL NEWS

Secretary Hours: With the hiring of the new secretary, the church office's hours will continue to be 9 am - 1 pm, Monday through Friday, unless otherwise noted in the calendar. Thanks!

Book Club: Book club will be meeting on Jan. 13th at 1:30 pm at the home of Sheryl Johnson.  We will be reading Mrs. Pollifax on the China Station by Dorothy Gilman.

Flowers & Bulletins:  You can sign up for flowers ($10 a vase) and bulletins ($20 a month) on the chart in the Narthex. Bulletin Sponsors for December are Marcia and Mike Kolberg in celebration of Christ's birthday.  Flowers are sponsored and given to the glory of God by Linda Peterson in honor of Jeff's birthday, and by Loralee Bruns-Teske in Thanksgiving of Gordon's renewed health.

Our Parish Nurses will continue to make hospital visits.  However, we need to know of any hospitalizations.  Because of the confidentiality rules the hospital does not let the church know of your admission unless you ask them to notify us.  You can also personally call the church office or Carol Warring.

Greeting Cards: Greeting cards in the Narthex have been updated by the Woman's Group.  They are $.50 for one and $1.00 for three.  Just place your money in the coin box.

Calendars: Feel free to pick up a 2020 calendar, the are available and located in the Narthex.

Volunteers Needed: St. Marys Volunteer Services invites you to join their teman to provide an excellent experience for their patients and families.  A wide variety of volunteer opportunities are available.  Positions include: Transporters, retail associate for the Gather Grounds Coffee & Gift Shop at the hospital or Heritage Village and Concierge greeter/ Patient registration assistant. To learn more, contact volunteer services at 815-937-2479
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